Gravitar Widget

Ever wonder how people get their pictures next to their comments? They use a Gravitar (graphic avatar). Last Thanksgiving, few people knew what an avatar was. Thanks to James Cameron, now everyone knows. You, too, can have a Gravitar, not only on your website but also on every WordPress site where you post a comment. How?

First: the e-mail address you used to set up your blog is the e-mail address you will use to create a Gravitar. The Gravitar will be linked to the e-mail address.

Second: select an image on your hard drive, flash drive, or on the Web. You will be able to crop it during the Gravitar set up.

Third: Dashboard left column, Users -> Your Profile

Follow the prompts to upload and crop the image to be attached to your login e-mail address. Wait a few minutes for it to percolate through the system. You can also find Gravitar under Appearance -> Widgets -> Gravitar. You can be playful — WordPress allows PG-rated Gravitars and you set your own rating. Remember, people can turn you in for bad behavior if you grade yourself too leniently. 🙂


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