You say Favicon, I say Blavitar

Do you like the smiling bioharzard symbol in the address bar? This is often called a favicon, short for “favorites icon” because when you save a link to your bookmarks or favorites, the favicon shows. calls it a Blavatar for “Blog Avatar” but refers to it on the dashboard as Blog Picture / Icon. You can have one too.

On the Dashboard, go to Settings (at the bottom of the left column), click on General. Follow the directions to upload a .jpg or .png file. Don’t bother trying to upload an .ico file or a .gif file. You can upload a normal Web-sized image and WordPress will prompt you to crop the image to a square.

Wait a few minutes for it to percolate through the system. For more information, see this.

2 responses to “You say Favicon, I say Blavitar

  1. Ha-ha! I just followed your instructions and uploaded a pic for my blavatar. It appeared as a tiny, dark smudge. My face was in there somewhere, but really not discernible. Obviously there is an art to selecting an appropriate photo for this image, as you well know, since your image is visible, despite its tiny size.

    Perseverance, perseverance!

    Oh, it is like Christmas morning, opening up new (new to me, that is) posts on your blog and discovering yet another new facet of blogdom.

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