What Is The New Aside Post Format?

Post Formats Available Now

Had a GREAT time at WordCamp SF Aug 13-14 and I’m excited about many of the great new features that are coming outlike the new POST FORMATS that are available on WordPress.com sites, the ones we created in class. You will find this table in the right column when you Add New Post. This Format box is right below the big honkin’ blue Publish button.

So, what is an Aside? Typically, it is a short note with a link or an update to an existing post. Some people use the Aside format for Facebook-type short postings because it does not require a title the way a Standard format blog post does.

Matt Mullenweg, one of the founders of WordPress, uses Asides extensively in his personal blog. The wrote a full, formal blog post on Aug. 8 about the Tim Thumb vulnerability in self-hosted websites, and you see that it has a standard blog post title. You will also see several short, untitled posts. These are Asides. The numbers in the “thought balloons” show the number of comments on the post.

Do you think Asides are something you will use in your blog? Have you tried the new Gallery format?


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