March 2011 Class

Annette Work Annette Arnold
Shelton’s Garden Susan Bryer
One-Path Ministries Cindy Eidsen
Nell Hergenrather, Artist Nell Hergenrather
Asyrah’s Garden Acupuncture & Spa Jody James
The Jones Family Travels Micki Jones
Worklife & Learning Linda Proulx
Sonoma County Taiko Community Adam Titone
Giving Back to Non-Profits Adam Titone
Blogging for Long-term Caregivers Amy Koos

September 2010 Class

Leslie Loves Dogs Leslie Heckathorn WordPress.ORG Atahualpa Theme
A Word Perspective Consulting Robert Koslowsky
Carson Tank Liners Patricia Lang
Fitness & Vine Retreat Stacie Sherman (started in class, now a Joomla site)
Global Macro Monitor Gary Evans
MattyDaddy Matt Calegari

May 2010 Class Pam Carpenter Steira Theme Dee Fay Cutline Theme Jill Kelly PressRow Theme Natalie Linn Tarski Theme Ann Reynolds Connections Theme Diana Rich CutLine Theme
Destination: TBA Daphne Shapiro 2010 Theme
    see also site Jehoshua Shapiro MistyLook Theme
    see also
the site Laura Winn MistyLook Theme Kirill Bykor NeoEase Theme

September, 2009 Class Serena Shapiro Marian McDonald Paula Fogarty Diana Pennington Tyffani Peters Dennis Stillman Yvette Turner


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