To log in to your website, add /wp-admin after your domain name, and hit enter. For example, scroll down for How-To videos

dummies WordPress for Dummies at Amazon

Dummies video “How to Create a Post How-To videos Videopress – How to put videos on a WordPress site (hint: $$$)

Technical info on sticky posts from Nathan Rice
How to choose a domain name by Anet Dunne

Scott McNulty bookScott McNulty book at Amazon

Scott’s book is about wordpress.ORG sites, but there is much useful information. Keep scrolling down to find out how you can get a free on-line sample until Hallowe’en.

Tips: You cannot install any plugins on Upgrades do not change that. Plugins and the ability to change permalink structure are only available to people self-hosting their blogs on third-party web hosts with the software from wordpress.ORG.

Forms are not allowed on blogs due to security concerns. You can created a Contact paage using the script at . Use the HTML tab in the page editor, not the Visual tab.

E-commerce is not supported on WordPress.COM sites, but you can put a link on your blog to an e-commerce site where your handmade goods are available for sale, like

Get more help on the Help page on this site

A couple of ways to add a blog to your existing site:

1. Put a button on your existing website and have it link to your wordpress.COM blog You can map a subdomain of your existing website to your blog for $10/yr

2. Build a wordpress.ORG blog in a subdirectory of your existing website. Have your webmaster/host add WP in a subdirectory to your current website, and add navigation to the blog. This is the old-fashioned way. Visitors have to click around your website to find the new stuff. The modern way is to put the blog on the home page.

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