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What Mad Men Teaches Us About Blogging


This is a link to a blogpost by Darren Hoyt. He is an extraordinary designer (I use his design on the sidebar of aNetGain.com).

His article resonated for me because I got started in New York ad agencies back in the days of Mad Men. I spent the ’90’s in L.A. writing scripts. I read William Goldman’s book and attended a seminar he gave for professional women writers.

Darren says that “Setting them up with a WordPress theme, giving them the keys and waving goodbye just isn’t enough.” It is important to blog about things that will benefit our readers, not just articles that sell our expertise.

Google says that pages with original content are rewarded with higher page rank.

http://bit.ly/9ogBMA shortlink to Google’s policy on relevant and original content

Check out Darren’s blogpost and let us know what you do to keep your blog lively and readable — leave a comment!